Notes optional; required for “Other”: Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. On a side note, PowerA customer service was dreadful and literally had only one person working on the line. DarkAngelRafael, September 23, The layout of the analog stick is changed, but this isn’t a major problem, since my son has growth with the use of analog sticks when playing not like me, I grew using directional pads, hehe, this would be an little issue for old gamers like me. PlayStation 4 Pro Gamepads. A controller with reversed analog stick and D-pad to offer more comfort in playing certain games like first-person shooters and fighting games.

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This controller contrpller not only cheap in price, but it is a very good, high quality controller, with a nice comfortable grip. I’ve tried so many things with xce and nothing works.

What appears to be a soft rubber finish on the grip ez is actually a hard plastic, molded, rough finish that, after power a pro ex controller pc an hour has my hands a fingers rubbed so raw I have to stop using it.

This should allow you to change the buttom mappings and hopefully get your pads working.

It doesn’t have motion sensors built-in so if you’re playing The Last of Us and you let your flashlight flicker, chances are, it’ll stay flickering throughout the entire game.

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Where Do I Find the PC Drivers For My Controller? – PowerA

I love having an poqer like controller playing ps3. PlayStation 4 Pro Gamepads. The wired one was about The form factor of the normal PS controllers have the analogs sticks power a pro ex controller pc to each other which is terrible for people with larger hands.

What is faith then but persistent hope in the face of relentless doubt.

What exactly did you do to get that working? This does seem power a pro ex controller pc better than the Chinese controllers on eBay which seldom work even when they are new, out of the box.

I borrowed my uncle’s CoD: ViciousToker, October 8, What are some good 3 player PS3 games and should I get a third controller? This ps3 controller feels great in your palm. The LED player channel indicator, which lights around the Home bottom, can be switched on or off. He thinks it better than the actual ps3 controller.

PowerA Pro EX (CPFA05108201) Gamepad

FiendingHard FiendingHard 5 years ago 6 controllers power a pro ex controller pc natively supported. Show less Show more. Slightly larger than the sony controller so may not be comfortable for people with small hands and children. The joysticks don’t pop out a little when you pull on them, and the joysticks are nice and loose.

Contorller with that I can go back and forth between the two and not really have to adjust. It is intended for use with the PS3, but works very good when plugged to a PC.

Wish I had bought a few more. Nintendo Switch Pro Black Controller Using as a PC controller Fully compatible as a directinput controller with PC right out of the box, and as power a pro ex controller pc xinput device with xce, this controller is worth power a pro ex controller pc if you want something that will be oc and nice to use. Designed with refined ergonomics for marathon gaming and competitions, the Pro EX Controller comes with glowing action buttons for eye pleasing illumination effects.

This controller is the best so far i have played with, but there is a small problem if you have small hands it will be a bit complicated my wife could not use it, other than that is a great controller works great even in the dark thanks to those glowing buttons controllet is a great controller to play any game specially sports games and FPS first person shootinghope this help.

PowerA Pro EX (CPFA) Gamepad | eBay

This makes contrlller control in racing games exciting, to say the least. Sometimes moving it to it’s limit of travel has no effect at all.

I would ONLY recommend this to a friend or anyone else who just couldn’t afford the idiotic approx. To get it to work, just unzip all the files from the website download to the folder with darksouls exe, then run it, press yes or accept on the prompts and disable “enable passthrough” on the powre settings.

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