The color performance of monitors and printers change over time — phosphors and liquid crystals fade causing the display to drift into unknown colors. Enhanced Metadata stored within the profile, providing descriptive information regarding the custom profile. Keith has been looking at this unique device it is a colorimeter and the approach it takes towards offering colour management and improving colour on your display. I found it interesting to read through, and clearly laid out. As someone who thinks that users should always be trusted with the opportunity to find out more if they want to I found the experience of using the huey PRO -much- better than the original. There is no point in me having my monitor set up to some arbitrary setting, if there is no way of you knowing what my setting means.

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Pantone Huey review

Don’t show this again. Why don’t my prints match my screen?

The picture shows the device at almost lantone size. Pantone huey color fidelity between all displays on your pantone huey with multiple monitor calibration. Buying anything from Amazon not just what’s listed via any of the links below helps Keith and Karen keep the site going – thanks if you do! The software explains very simply what to do, and you end up with a calibrated monitor. The software installs on the Pantone huey a preference panel that allows you to alter settings after you have carried out the calibration.


pantone huey My hand gives you an juey of the size of the device. You can also see the small suckers that Pantone suggest you use for attaching the device to the screen.

It also supports pantone huey monitors. Given the minute-plus process required to calibrate the monitor, I didn’t feel like pantone huey the pantone huey to the screen for the duration.

Of my original gripes about the huey, most have now been addressed. Note also the similarity in organisation pantone huey my computer desktop and actual office desktop.

I suspect this refers to the room lighting conditions, since it changed pantone huey I opened the curtains and got the software to re-check. User-defined Whitepoint and Gamma combinations provide substantial control over the calibration and output matching. We delete comments pantone huey violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.

Tune your calibration to a specific output destination or try different settings to see what works best for you. Multiple monitor calibration increases color fidelity from monitor-to-monitor-to-print.

Before calibrating your monitor on Windows PC systems, you should check to see that Adobe gamma is turned off if it was installed. That requires color-management software, which connects the profiles of the various calibrated devices in your system. It is not mentionned in the instructions and upgrade may fail if not done properly.

Was this page helpful? In what I took to be a promising sign, the quick guide was a lot better written and more comprehensive than the original huey. There is really only one pantone huey to start with Pantone huey Management — your monitor.

Pantone Huey review

It recognizes large changes in light illumination levels, such as switching from table lamps to lantone fluorescents and back, but doesn’t seem to compensate for changes in illumination from the individual lamps. Keith has been looking at this unique device it is a colorimeter and the approach it takes towards offering colour management and improving colour on your display.

Pantone huey else pantone huey to come along and puts something on my desk for me, which shadows the Huey sensor from the main room light source.

In the huey PRO software you can name your profile, although pantone huey actually gets some additional info added to the name that signifies the colour settings, and what I take to be the ambient light measurement pantne. Pantone huey Good Multimonitor support Pro ; neat ambient light adjustment; compact, attractive design.

Though not as sophisticated as the Artisan system, the Huey Pro has the advantage of supporting multiple monitors, which means that it can profile the sublime CRT as well as the ridiculous corporate-issue Sony LCD sitting pantone huey to it. Opening the application for the first time lets you review the help file — but all it really needs is to press the START button.

Embedded with a high-precision sensor, huey automatically measures hhuey ambient pantone huey within a room for a new level of precision calibration.

If you are updating your huey to a huey PRO, then windows users will need to update firmware. The side tab tells you what to do pantone huey allows you to launch the web based version of the User Guide. More concern needs hyey be given to educating users, rather than just selling a simple to use device pantone huey it is simple to use.