Can somebody please help? Simple, easy, and it works great. Connection runs Hulu shows well, plenty fast enough for most users. Hiya, January 12, Very pleased with this thingy. I say It was a nice front box photo because if they had shown a photo of the back or listed the details off the back I never would have bought it.

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A list of wireless networks in range pops up, select yours and enter the routers password and you are good to go. Hiya, January 12, Broomfielder, January 29, Connection runs Hulu shows well, plenty fast enough for most users.

Yes, I see the date and time The plain truth about this Netgear N usb adapter is that it works, netgear n150 wireless usb adaptor works very well. Rupesh Mandke Certified Buyer 10 Jun, But at least this time I could reboot and select the kernel-ml boot.

But for now this seems to work just fine. Abhishek Certified Buyer 18 Oct, It’s packing is too good.

Wireless USB Adapter

Now I wonder who that could have been? I need to find a list of netgear n150 wireless usb adaptor for CentOS and start to work my way around wjreless. Windows 7 found the adapter and we were up and running in minutes.

Reinstalling the kernel seems pretty scary to a Windows refugee, what do i do?!

The Delivery was fast as usual from flipcart. This one not only detected it easily but had 3 bars indicating a very stable connection. Time for me to be busy elsewhere.

[RESOLVED] NetGear N Wireless USB Adaptor fails to initialise – CentOS

Same speed as I would have with a wireless card or an ethernet cord. Great price for a great product. This device works like a charm.

I pay for 8Mbps cable internet. Well, the new one gets over 12 Mbps! Kajal Mondal Certified Buyer 18 Sep, I installed it to replace Ubuntu Very pleased with this thingy. Doing this brought the USB adapter netgear n150 wireless usb adaptor up and working.

I was really worried that it wouldn’t work with the outdated system. netgeqr

Netgear N Wireless WNA – Netgear :

See all reviews. The line that is of relevance is — Code: I have it plugged directly netgear n150 wireless usb adaptor the back of my PC, I could probably get a bit wireless signal using the adapter it came with but really doesn’t seem necessary. Both the router and USB device itself is a great product from Netgear. Shows full bars in Win 7 from 20 feet away. I had 3 of them from before, i got netgear n150 wireless usb adaptor one from flipkart and total it is hsb.

And for the price they are charging I found something way better on amazon for half the price.