Is a good sword for the price. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Active Interest Media, Inc. I wanted it sharpened for heavy cutting and it is much sharper than I expected, especially the tip. Custom blade length increases craft time by approx. Choose from silk or leather handle wrapping in a variety of hues.

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I’ve had it 5 years now and had it pro sharpened.

Centuries of development of the Japanese sword, both culturally and functionally, have yielded an object that is equally deadly, Holy, and beautiful. This was in response to samurai wearing katana sword tachi in what is now called ” katana style” katana sword edge up.

katna Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. We work with only most trusted forges to create completely custom swords for you. Good compromise between hardness and durability. Tsuba are guards for both the Katana and Wakizashi. The katana sword is the most important part of a sword. katana sword

Warranty & Support

The fittings are all tight and the ito has not moved an katana sword, which swodd a common problem with many of my other swords. Katana sword, love the fact if you want further customization you can email and don’t have to wait for days katan a response. I requested a spring steel blade with no katana sword, dyed red. In an age in which people are conditioned to have low expectations regarding customer service, it is refreshing to deal with a company that refuses to follow the trend.

With a few exceptions, katana and tachi can katana sword distinguished from each other, if signed, by the location of the signature mei on the tang nakago.

Custom-Made Hand Forged Samurai Sword Japanese Katana

Katana sword resulting block of steel is then drawn out katana sword form a billet. Over all though it’s a magnificent sword that has become my favorite out of my entire collection. View or edit your browsing history. You may also specify your own custom blade length and handle length here. After the blade is forged, it is then sent to be polished. Clearly, the sword of Japan has a weight that few Westerners can appreciate. How to place your order: Del Bel “I want to say Thank you for your quick and positive responce to my e-mail more people should be like sote,your store is on my Katana sword your store is the a-list.

The workmanship in the sword was amazing, extremely well built and detailed. If you have any questions, please contact our dedicated customer support team via live chat, through email, or call us toll-free at Nihonto The sword came excellently packed katana sword in very short amount of time.

Fuchi and kashira are ornamental fittings which are attached to katana sword handles of Japanese swords. Each of the forges we partner with have their own unique blend of functionality and form, and most offer varying weapon lines to accommodate just about every end-user taste or need. You can feel the katana sword in it. This katana is super strong and powerful. O Tanto Emperor Series. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

Traditionally made katana sword were produced during this period, but in order to supply such large numbers of swords, blacksmiths with little or no knowledge of traditional Japanese sword manufacture were recruited. It is extremely important that the blade remain well-oiled, powdered and polished, as the natural moisture katana sword from the hands of the user will rapidly cause the blade to rust if not cleaned off.

Custom-Made Hand Forged Samurai Sword Japanese Katana

The Katana is the worlds most desireable sword. This also results in a beautiful, genuine hamon line -Tamahagane: Even with the two minor issues I mentioned which were simple fixes Katana sword still felt this easily deserved 5 stars.

We carry a huge selection of the worlds best Katana. I’ve had my sword now for almost a year.