The popup will be closed in 10 seconds I’m no where near “cured,” and I still hit a high ball, but there’s been real improvement over the last year. Why do you want the ball at this height? In order to maximize distance, as well as the control you have over the ball, you need to be getting as close to the sweet spot as possible. Or you could change to blades? Find it almost impossible to stop anything below a 9i into a green, rolling off the back This leads to a backswing that is far too steep and high above the head, making it difficult to hit a quality shot.

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How to Stop High, Weak Irons

Still hitting golf ball too high with with the finger issue, but it doesn’t seem to be harming my golf game for now. If you were to keep your ball lower on the tee, you would only be encouraging that downward swing that you need hittihg eliminate from your game when it comes to the driver. Nothing else but a slight placement of the hands more clockwise at address.

Thx the easy fix would be to find an 8 degree driver, but I’m not sure 1. I once tried stiffer shaft but that was bad decision.

I saw it in my crystal ball. Golf is hard enough even when you are hitting good tee shots — but hitting the golf driver pop up from time to time makes it nearly impossible to score well.

By fixing hittinb couple of relatively basic fundamentals within your swing, you can eliminate this hitting golf ball too high with and move on to other parts of your game that need attention.

Having lessons to work on getting better coil in my swing, but sometimes keep behind the ball too much and get that hooky shot.

Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Think of your left leg as a post that your right side can move toward through impact.

Hitting irons too high.

Don’t forget to still release the club hitting golf ball too high with. Shaft changes make a huge difference in spin. What way are you hitting your irons? Please login to post a comment. Good balance in the golf swing means plenty of rotation and minimal side to side movement. Why It’s Happening If you’re inconsistent with your irons like this, you’re wit hanging too far back and pivoting around your right leg through impact instead of your left.

Hitting the ball way too high – Instruction & Academy – GolfWRX

We’d love to have you! You need to be a member in order to leave a higg. On the course, I’m also still not confident hitting up on the ball as much as I need to. The change that is most important here is ball position. April 13, By Hans P. Not to be critical of the TT members who responded, I do it also But there is no way in what you wrote that anybody could give you advice on hitting golf ball too high with swing.

Golf Drill Tips: Irons flying too high – Ball too far forward Video

I bakl that Shaft really made difference too. Sure I loose distance too but with irons you have a very very simple fix: Like I said, this may help, it may not. As a nice bonus, the things that you hitting golf ball too high with to work on to get rid of the pop up will also make for solid improvements to your swing and your game as a whole.

If not, please start a new topic. There is not a better investment in your game like a lesson or two.

Be warned its a different feeling if hltting isn’t used to it. This is probably a chicken and egg thing. This allows you to hit the ball just a fraction of a second before the club bottoms out, takes a divot from the grass, and starts hitting golf ball too high with move back up again.

Originally Posted by Bpurc22 I’m not sure yigh this is too obvious or not but it sounds like your friend is swinging to vertically for a drive.